Get one Arduino GSM module for university project

Hello guys

For a project at the university I want to work with the new Arduino GSM shield which is based on the M10 Quectel GSM chip. I want to ask, if here is somebody who can ship me one of this shield? I would be very happy, if this would be possible!

Thanks a lot for your answers.


Are you trying to place an order?

Oh yes I want to place an order. But I couldn't find the module in any shop. Do you know who I could ask (maybe Gianluca Martino who designed the board)?

I am not sure if the series production has started yet. If not, I would be happy to get a demo board.

Are you referring to ? That page hasn't been updated since July 2011. I suspect it's been parked.

Hi, There are some real ones here:

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@dxw00d: Yes, I ment this site.

On 24 of August David Cuartielles of the Arduino team has presented this GSM shield on the "Campus Party" in Berlin. Because of this, I thought that there are already boards available.

@terryking228: Thanks for this link. But I am interested in a GSM shield with a Quectel GSM module (Quectel M10).

I'm waiting also! ;-) There is an official page from Telefonica where you can('t) order it. Since some weeks only with inactive order buttons and "coming soon" badge:

There where many articles about the launch as a follow-up to the campus party in Berlin, e.g.

The bluevia support wrote that it will be ordering "in the following days" but this was about a month ago! :-(

I asked BlueVia / Telefonica about the deliver date again:

The really friendly support told me they had some problems with the launch and the release date got delayed. If everything goes as expected, the new release day is the 22nd October. I assume 2012, the year was not specified explicit. :-)

Now available: