Get output status to dashboard ESP8266

I'm new to IoT cloud.
I would like to ask if it's possible to take the status of an output to the dashboard. I can control from the dashboard some outputs but when i manually close an input, the output is activated but i can't take the status. Doesn't matter if i get the input or the output status.

You are welcome on this forum! You are working on an informatic project and what is most needed in an informatic project is information imagine: do the other users here in the forum have a clear picture of what you are trying to do.

To speed up finishing your project you should invest some time into writing additional information I'm 100% sure that this WILL speed up finishing your project.

So please go through this checklist and if you find an item you haven't posted yet post it

  • did you write which exact type of microcontroller you are using?
  • description of your programming skills and knowledge
  • description of your knowledge about electronics
  • description of the functionality you want to have written in normal works avoiding programming terms
  • do you have an oscilloscope? Yes / No
  • do you have a digital multimeter (DMM) Yes / No)
  • your age
  • did you post your complete sketch?
  • if relevant did you post a link to a datasheet of each component you are using?
  • if relevant did you post a handdrawn schematic or your wiring?
  • if you got a compiler-error. Did you post the complete compiler-output into a code-section?

If you don't post all this information because you want a "quick answer" to your detail problem It is very likely to turn out that all that happens is having mutliple waiting-times with mutliple asking back for details until the other users do have a clear picture of what you want to do.

best regards Stefan

what do you mean by dashboard? is this something on the arduino or some other device possibly displaying a web page?

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