Get request using AT commands ESP8266-01

I am using an ESP8266 and an Arduino Uno R3. I am trying to be able to set up so I can post to a website. First I want to be able to do a get request but I am not getting any thing back. I am trying to do a get request to the website (and I have surrounded the get request in the code with //) this isnt the full code just the relevant code because the whole thing is rather big. I know almost nothing about HTTP so anything would be helpful. Also, if you know how to post to the website using AT command I would appreciate help with that as well.

Heres a thing I used to help me but obviously i am here still asking for more help arduino uno - Get data from website with ESP8266 using AT commands - Arduino Stack Exchange

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include <Wire.h>
#include <WiFi.h>


int serialRx = 2;                    // software serial  RX  TX 
int serialTx = 3;

int f= 0;
int i =1;
int j = 0; 

String inMsg ;        //idk 

String IP;        //IP Address

SoftwareSerial portOne(serialRx, serialTx); // sets up the ports 3 and 2 as the serial ports 

void setup() {

   while (!Serial) {
    ; // wait for serial port to connect. 
  portOne.begin(115200);                // Start software serial port to communicate with the ESP8266 because it defaults to the BAUD rate of 115200 but this is not stable

sendToWifi("AT+UART_DEF=9600,8,1,0,0",100); //this changes the BAUD rate of the ESP8266 to 9600
  delay(200);                                //this gives it a second to connect

Serial.flush();                            //flush all the previous serial data 

  Serial.begin(9600);                      //changes the serial connection BAUD rate
   while (!Serial) {
    ;                                    // wait for serial port to connect. 
  portOne.begin(9600);                // Start software serial port

//sendToWifi("ATE1",100);                           // set Echo Off. Otherwise echo was ON.(no idea what this is for)
sendToWifi("AT+CWMODE=3",100);                   // 1) 2) 3)set as both an access point and a server 
IP=sendToWifi("AT+CIFSR",500);                 // get ip address of the WIFI chip and save it to a variable for use later

sendToWifi("AT+CIPMUX=0",500);                 // configure for multiple connections
sendToWifi("AT+CIPSERVER=1,80",2000);         // turn on server on port 80

sendToWifi("AT+CWJAP?",500);  ////this sees if it is connected to a router

 sendToWifi("AT+CIFSR",500); // Check the module's ip and test connection

    sendToWifi("AT+CIPSTART=\"TCP\",\"\",80",2000);// starts connection with webserver 

    sendToWifi("AT+CIPSEND=80",800); // set byte length to something and this will be the length of the data the server is prepared to accept
   sendToWifi("GET reqres. HTTP/1.1",3000);

void loop() {

void printResponse() {
  while (portOne.available()) {

String sendToWifi(String command, const int timeout){

  String response = "";
  Serial.print("Sent command to ESP8266-E12: ");
  long int time = millis();
  while( (time+timeout) > millis())
      char c =; //read string character by character
      response= response + c;
    Serial.print("Response from ESP8266: ");
    return (response);

String  readfromWifi(){

  char arrayInMsg[100];
  String tempStr;              ///// changed from string to CHAR
  int count =0;
  while( portOne.available() > 0 ){           //portOne needs to be opened
    // getout if you see CR or LF
    if (arrayInMsg[count] == "\n" or arrayInMsg[count] == "\r") break;
  arrayInMsg[count] = '\0';                     // Null terminate finally
  tempStr = String(arrayInMsg);                // cast it to string              ///// changed from string to CHAR
  tempStr.trim();                               // precaution
  Serial.print("Msg Received = ");
  return tempStr;


Post your complete sketch (program code)! If you don’t you waste time while people ask you to do that.
When you post your code put it between [ code ] … [ /code ] tags. You can do that by hitting the </> button above the posting area.
If you get an error, post the error (copy and paste). Not just “I got an error”.
With coding problems, if possible post a “minimal” sketch that demonstrates the problem - not hundreds of lines of code.
If you have debugging information in your sketch, post your debugging displays.
Describe what you expected to happen, and what actually happened. Not just “it doesn’t work”.

and then add a clickable link to the tutorial you are using.

alright I did.

sorry, I can't find so much similarity from the working sketch you pointed to with an URI (no, you didn't make a clickable link, which also could be used by people using smart phones) - and your sketch.

Therefore, just two final hints from my side:

  • start with a working sketch from a tutorial.
  • consider to step further towards programming the ESP - and not to use the ESP as slave with AT commands.

well i mean if i wanted to just do that tutorial I would have just copied that code and ran it. I guess I'll post else where because I just wanted to know what the GET request should be.