get request with ENC28J60 Ethernet module

Hello to everyone.

I try to make a simple http get request from Arduino uno to my website (shared hosting) where i fetch the data to db. I use the EtherCard library and ENC28J60 Ethernet module. Here is the code:

#include <EtherCard.h>

// ethernet interface mac address, must be unique on the LAN
byte mymac[] = { 0x74,0x69,0x69,0x2D,0x30,0x31 };

const char website[] PROGMEM = "";

static byte session;
byte hisip[] = { xx,xx,xx,xx };
byte Ethernet::buffer[700];
Stash stash;

void setup () {

  if (ether.begin(sizeof Ethernet::buffer, mymac) == 0) 
    Serial.println(F("Failed to access Ethernet controller"));
  if (!ether.dhcpSetup())
    Serial.println(F("DHCP failed"));

  ether.printIp("IP:  ", ether.myip);
  ether.printIp("GW:  ", ether.gwip);  
  ether.printIp("DNS: ", ether.dnsip);  

  if (!ether.dnsLookup(website))
    Serial.println(F("DNS failed"));

  ether.printIp("SRV: ", ether.hisip);



void loop () {

  const char* reply = ether.tcpReply(session);
  if (reply != 0) {

static void getReq () {
  Serial.println("Sending tweet...");
  byte sd = stash.create();

    int stash_size = stash.size();

    Stash::prepare(PSTR("GET http://$F/laravel/measures/input HTTP/1.1" "\r\n"
    "Host: $D" "\r\n"
    "User-Agent: Arduino/1.0" "\r\n"
    "Content-Length: $D" "\r\n"
  website, website, stash_size, sd);


  // send the packet - this also releases all stash buffers once done
  // Save the session ID so we can watch for it in the main loop.
  session = ether.tcpSend();

here is what i get from serial:

IP:  xx
GW:  xx
DNS: xx
SRV: xx
Sending tweet...
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2018 23:40:00 GMT
Server: Apache
X-Powered-By: PHP/7.1.13
Cache-Control: no-cache
Set-Cookie: XSRF-TOKEN=eyJpdiI6IlBnT0ZVZVJwb3ROZkh4Z3ZIUDVrZGc9PSIsInZhbHVlIjoiU0NWZEQ2aSsxT3JlNlp3ek1oRTFtajBsZVVVRUxSMGFQSGpITzFTMWpScEdFZExCXC9rQ1FRT2prbVFyMVJtdnRUazBPY1RBS3JONCt1bVJFQjB1MEVnPT0iLCJtYWMiOiJiZDRjMjZmZjE5ODNlYjBjOTc3NTY4NDM2NmEyMzA2NGU1ZmM1ZGI3MzJjMGY3MjdiN2FmYTg2NDg1NmY1NTFhIn0%3D; expires=Sat, 13-Jan-2018 01:40:00 GMT; Max-Age=7200; path=/
Set-Cookie: laravel_session

and here is what i get from server log: xx.xx.xx.xx - - [12/Jan/2018:23:18:12 +0000] "GET HTTP/1.1" 200 - "-" "Arduino/1.0"

however nothing goes on db. Can anyone please give me a suggestion? Server problem, permissions, or code?

Furthermore i tested and this block of code with no result either:

if (millis() > timer) {
    timer = millis() + 5000;
    Serial.print("<<< REQ ");
    ether.browseUrl(PSTR("/laravel/measures/input/"), PSTR("?unique=unique1&temp=21"), PSTR(""), my_callback);
  • (web project built in laravel framework)

Thanks in advance!

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