Get signal output from the pressure transducer

:frowning: >:( >:( I am new to arduino programming, and thinking of using it to help my project. The project has a pressure transducer with the specification below

Operates On Pressure
Scale psi
For Use With Air, Hydraulic Fluid, Water
Pressure Range 0-60 psi
Maximum Pressure 100 psi
Output Current 4mA-20mA
Input Voltage 8V DC-30V DC
Accuracy ±0.5%
Connection Type Pipe
Pipe Size 1/4
Pipe Connection Type Threaded
Thread Type NPT
Gender Male
Temperature Range, °F
Environment 35° to 175°
Process 35° to 175°
Wire Connection Type Screw Terminals
Electrical Connection Type DIN
DIN Type A
Electrical Connection Thread Type PG
Electrical Connection Thread Size PG-9

I noticed that arduino board can supply 5 V which is lower than the voltage needed for the pressure transducer, do I need to get another power supply for the pressure transducer? Also need some suggestions for how to program the arduino board to output current/ converted pressure data into csv.

There are several tutorials on line, and many entries in this forum describing how to connect a 4-20 mA sensor, like this one or this one.

For lots more, google "arduino connect 4-20 mA sensor".