get text to use with API, from web url

I'm super beginner with Arduino so maybe I'm asking stupid thing but for me it's very hard.

With temboo API, I want my arduino to send twitter statues updated everytime I push button.
I used Arduino Yun, and succeeded to send statues with fixed message.

StatusesUpdateChoreo.addInput("StatusUpdate", "my message");

It's like above, if I push button, 'my message' will be updated on my tweet feed.

Now I want it to send random messages or several messages in order to my tweet feed, instead of sending 'my message' all the time.

I tried to replace "my message" with 'string' something (for example string inputTEXT).
Inside void, make several messages with different names of string,(ex. string text1, string text2)
and use them inside the input text.
Like below

string text1 = "sdfsd"
string text2 = "fwewerw"

string inputTEXT = text1

StatusesUpdateChoreo.addInput("StatusUpdate", string (inputTEXT));

So far it doesn't work at all.. so I'm trying to figure it out but the bigger problem is,
if it works, I want to change those text 1,2,3 automatically.

I'm thinking about add codes like below

string text1 = "sdfsd"
string text2 = "fwewerw"

string inputTEXT = //get some value from web url which creates random number everytime.

StatusesUpdateChoreo.addInput("StatusUpdate", string (inputTEXT));

So there will be a web url that prints certain number (text1,2.. in this case)
and I want to take that value here.

Am I doing right approach?? or is it just impossibe??
I can't find anything like that at all so far...

Thanks for your attention and pleas help me it will be appreciated soosososososososososomuch!!!!!!!

Am I doing right approach?

No. The Arduino doesn't have a string class. It has a String class (but don't go there). It also has C style strings - NULL terminated arrays of chars. THEY are preferred.

char msg[] = "Send this";


char *mess = "Or this";

Thanks PaulS!

I'm still stucked on a lot of things but you helped me with something!
I think I was aimed for too complicated goal :frowning:

Thanks for your attention and help!