getDeviceCount in LedControl Library

Hello everybody!

I am using 7-Segment Displays with MAX7219 using LedControl Library. I have a query regarding the getDeviceCount function.

LedControl lcDate = LedControl(1, 2, 3, 8);

void setup() {
  int devices=lc.getDeviceCount();
  for(int address=0;address<devices;address++) {         //we have to init all devices in a loop


  1. The getDeviceCount function retrieves the number of devices we have connected (which we have already defined in declaration). So what is the need of this function. As in my example I have specified that 8 devices will be used, then in later code I will assume the number of devices to be 8 itself.

  2. The number of devices in my case will be changed as per user’s settings. So I will store it in internal EEPROM. But most of the times I have seen the library object declaration before the Setup function as above. I have tried and it also works inside the setup function & may be in loop too. Is it ok to define it in code?