Getters and Setters bloating code?

Do these types of one liners unessecarily bloat the code? Would adding inline help? Should I just make the members public and be careful with them in the rest of the code? I've always liked the idea of being able to prevent any references to any of my members getting out and one of them being changed in unexpected ways. But really, I'm the only one working on this code and even though it barely squeezes onto an UNO, it's still not really that big of a program in the grand scheme of things.

class myClass {

     int myValue;

     int getMyValue();
     void setMyValue(int);

int myClass::getMyValue() {
     return myValue;

void myClass::setMyValue(int aValue){
     myValue = aValue;

I guess my real question is... Will the compiler handle knocking those down from a function call to a line of code for me? Or can I do that explicitly with the inline keyword?

I like the way this style makes my code read, so I'd like to keep it. But I don't want it unnecessarily bloating the size of my final comiled program.

In my experience, functions that small are always inlined.

Try it and see. I never use "inline" or "register" because I have faith in the compiler.