Getting 12v output from arduino pins

I am brand new to arduino, as in just got mine an hour ago. I am wondering if it is possible to get 12v output from the arduino using a 12v power supply. It seems 5v is the output i get regardless of supplied voltage. I have tested with a 12v battery plugged into the 2.1mm jack and still get 5v output. I guess i need to bypass the voltage regulator, but im not sure if that is possible or if that would fry the thing.

I am trying to blink a 12v LED array at a specific frequency. It would be convenient to just have it plugged into the arduino and have that act as both the power supply and timing control, but if that is not possible is there a way to use the arduino as the timing control and use an external power supply for the LED array?

It is not possible to use an arduino with 12v. You will brick it if you bypass the regulator.


I'm no expert but it seems that's the kind of thing you would do with a transistor as explained here. Use a digital pin of the Arduino to "tickle" the base of the transistor to open the valve and let the 12v through the pipe.

ah yes a transistor thats exactly what i need. Thanks alot guys


Just make sure you connect the grounds of the Arduino and the 12v together as shown in the pic of that link, and put a resistor between the Arduino and the base of the transistor.


How to covert arduino voltage from 5V to 12V?

Please help me… :slight_smile:

How to covert arduino voltage from 5V to 12V?

Use a 12V to 5V regulator. There is no way to supply the Vcc of any Arduino processor chip directly with 12V.