Getting 320x240 KENT ChLCD working with arduino

Hi, I'm using the KENT 1/4 VGA Cholesteric Display Module with SPI. The dev kit comes with a custom microcontroller, but I want to use the arduino. Has anyone done this before? Will this even work? Will the LiquidCrystal Library and the SPI lib be all I need for this? I've never done anything with SPI before, so I'd like a few pointers as I couldn't find any good sites that dealt with this problem.

It'd also help if someone could point me to a good reference site.

Here is the documentation for the display(pdf):

Thanks for any help!

No, the KS0108 library will NOT work with this display. The KS0108 library uses vertically encoded images, and this display requires horizontal encoded images. There are several of us working on this, and I was just able to get this display to work last night.

Here is more information on how to get it working, with sample code: