Getting a delayed error after my first bootloader burning attempt.

Hi Folks!

I just made my first attempt at burning a bootloader onto an ATmega328P microcontroller, using an Arduino Uno as ISP. I followed a layout for burning it on a breadboard I found on the internet. It seemed to work fine at first. I swapped the new chip I'd just burned on the Uno board. I tried the blink sketch two or three times, changing the delay times, and it worked. The next time I tried to upload a sketch change, I got this error message:

avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "\.\COM3": Access is denied.

I swapped that chip out and put the original back in, and it worked fine again. I've just started out playing around with the Arduino and have absolutely no experience with this at all. It would be greatly appreciated if somebody could possibly point me in the right direction to solve this. Seems to be just slightly above my (retired) pay grade! :slight_smile:


That indicates some program other than the Arduino IDE has the port open. I don't know of any reason it could be fixed by changing to a different ATmega328P chip other than pure coincidence.

Thanks for the quick response, pert. I'll set it up on the breadboard again and try something on it.

I swapped that chip out and put the original back in, and it worked fine again.

I think this is your problem. Did you put the new chip on arduino board?

This is the way you can write your bootloader. I should say that you can load your bootloader by any arduino board. For example you can use 2560 to load 328p bootloader. If you want I can explain it for you.

Many thanks to those that replied. I just kept playing around with it and finally got it to work and accept new sketches. These things can be a real source of head scratching! And really have to learn how to take notes when tinkering! LOL