Getting a Hakko iron in Germany?

Hi! Sorry for writing English, sadly I don't speak German. I'm going to Germany in a few weeks and I was thinking of buying a Hakko soldering station there as it's probably cheaper than what I can get here.

I've tried to look online with google translate, but no good. Can anyone please point me to where I can get one online (I have a shipping address in Germany if needed), or name a store around Munich which deals with Hakko?

I'm looking for a Hakko FX-888 or Hakko 936 stations.

Thanks a lot!

Hakko is not a common brand in Germany. At least not for hobbyists. Therefore it may not be readily available.

Among many no-name products, common ones are: Weller and Ersa.

If you are in or around Munich, you can have a look at the CONRAD shops. They have lots of electronics and other stuff, but are not necessarily the cheapest source. No HAKKO products though.

Useful electronics shops (stores and/or online) in Germany:

Good luck. And if you find one, post here ;-)

I'd be interested as well if they had a "reservoir tip" aka "mini-wave". Much better for SMD parts.

Thanks a lot for the info madworm!

Although I'm a bit disappointed by the news. I was sure I'm going to get one over there. What quality brands are common in Germany? I'm not looking for elite stuff. A hobbyist+ quality station under 100 euros

edit: btw, here's the FX-888 page

and this supposed to be the German representative of Hakko although I don't see ordering or pricing info

Yes, I stumbled upon this website as well (the German one). It doesn’t seem to be very up-to-date though. The HAKKO 888 is announced as ‘new’ and that is dated ‘Feb. 2nd 2009’.

It is also very common in Germany that distributors that usually don’t cater for individuals like you an me, because we don’t represent a business and are regarded as unworthy, will not show prices on their websites. If you are lucky enough and they talk to you, most of the time they are ‘kind’ enough to refer you to a retailer that may or may not help you.

One blatant example of this practice is e.g. Farnell’s German branch. They show prices, but you simply cannot order from them, unless you are a university student (with valid ID) or a business. They refer you to a different shop that deals with the unworthy hobbyists. Of course you also pay a hefty premium for that. I call them ‘electronics pharmacy’. From what I’ve heard in this forum doesn’t misbehave like that. It seems to be a German thing.

Oh man, that sucks. I was really expecting a fine west-European shopping experience. Anywayz, funny that you mention the distributors behavior. Coz I mailed them with a “how much” question and a retailer coordinates request :slight_smile:

I’d be really disappointed if i’ll have to order an iron from the states. BTW always wanted to ask, there must be some German soldering irons brands - you’re supposed to be awesome in making that kind of stuff - how come I havn’t heard of any?

Well, maybe the rest of the world is 'unworthy' too ;-)

Honestly, I don't know. Maybe they didn't want to fight for a market share and are happy with what they have. DHL didn't succeed in getting into the US market as well. Cost the German tax payer a lot of money I think.

The crux with soldering equipment is replacement parts. You can get a good no-name brand for about 60?, but you can't be sure for how long you'll get replacement tips. And the type of tips is usually rather limited as well. Also for my taste the soldering irons are just way to bulky. If you don't care, go for no-name. Basic entry level Weller or Ersa (German brand) soldering stations start at about 80? and up (if on sale). If you want digital control and a low weight soldering iron with a flexible silicone rubber cord double or triple that. That's the main reason I still use my old Ersa TIP260 soldering iron for SMD parts.

Thanks again, you've supplied me with very valuable info.

I think I'll try to get that Hakko anyways, I'm drooling on it for more than a month now :D I'll keep you updated of my successes :D

rs components got them and they have shiping centers all over the world. so chances are you get cheap shipping, depends where you live.

rs components thailand ships the 936 for 10.000 baht, thats 200 euro

Oh wow 200 euro for 936 station is very expensive. I can get an FX-888 station here for 125 euro. Which is probably what I’m going to do, considering the facts :smiley: Maybe I’ll even export some to Europe lol

Sorry for the hassle and thanks for your help guys

Import tax will be 19% on everything, and that also includes shipping costs. There may be some extra fees for some types of goods. If you're tough and have lots of time, you may find a list on (also available in English).

125? sounds excellent. They've also got a good variety of tips. Where did you find it?

Here in Israel - I was at the official Hakko distributor's place, to get some components and that's the price he quoted on the FX-888. He said it's a limited time offer, but I thought he was just trying to make me buy it faster. Now I realize that the price is actually awesome and I should go there and get it asap :D

think you are right, 200 bucks seems outragous compared to here: