Getting an Arduino in the UK

Hey guys, anybody know the best way to get an arduino in the UK. As of yet the PCB europe website is unobtainable have tried a couple of other sites around europe but not sure who is the best supplier.

thanx for any help

There will be a distributer near you.
There is a list somewhere.

You can get one in Australia when Arduino is Italian.
The UK is a walk in the park compared to that. :slight_smile:


What do you mean unobtainable?

I ordered mine 2 weeks ago and should recieve it during this week.

Just checked the site and its online and shipping everywhere. Maybe it was down when you tried to order?

PS: Robosavvy is a distributor for Sparkfun in the UK and they sell arduinon boards -

You could always buy the bits from Farnell and breadboard your own Arduino while you experiment! Thats what I'm doing at the moment.

from next week you can lobby us into bringing one to the pub :slight_smile:



Ok maybe I should not have said unobtainable, just awkward. Have got one ordered from adafruit in the US taking advantage of the good currency rate (with postage $31).

Thanks for the comments

Just need to get experimenting

Sorry $41 or roughly £21

Hello all has finally opened their UK store at
you can buy most of the arduino products made in italy