Getting an old keyboard to work with Arduino?

Hello all, I was looking for a way to connect an old ps2 keyboard to arduino, so far i've found some usefull info on the net but mostly to connect it to a pc to be used as an extra controller. my intention was to control it as a grid in different ways, simple line detection(ex: qwertyuiop where q=0 and p=100 with interpolation in between), or an x y controller, and maybe more than... all to be mapped in the arduino and use according to your imagination... Can someone throw some ashes in the fire? point some problems, solutions? best regards _ag

Hi, Can't help you with the keyboard specifically, but I do know a little about the PS2 protocol. Look in the arduino playground for the PS2 mouse interface sketch. The same information applies to keyboards. So most of the code (except for the stuff in the main loop() routine) should apply. Unfortunately, you can't just use the keyboard as a big mesh switch panel. It doesn't work that way. The keyboard sends scan codes, which must be decoded into characters or key presses. If you are just going to use a sub-set of the keys, then I think a sketch to do that might fit into the arduino memory. See this page for info about PS2 keyboards. It might get you started.

Good luck,