Getting analog inputs from slave arduino mega

Hey guys -

I have a project where I have a total of 20 phototransistors that I need to constantly gather values from. I have 2 arduino megas, so I am planning on splitting the phototransistors across the 2 evenly (10 each)

What is the best way to connect the two arduinos together so that the values can be read and used in a program that turns a series of WS2812 leds on and off?

The Arduino Leonardo has 12 analog inputs.

You can also use an analog multiplexer.

How to connect them depends on the distance between them, the data rate, if you want to extend with more modules. The most simple is using a Serial port (with two Arduino Mega boards next to each other).

It's probably unnecessary to use two, but if you want to, just for the fun of it, the easiest way to get them to communicate is through the serial ports (you know megas have 4 serial ports? )

So you could just connect pin16 of one to pin 17 of the other (and vise versa). Then just use Serial1 to communicate with each other. It's that simple.

Edit: Oh and don't forget to connect their GND to each other.