getting arduino to send Ring Indicator signal

I am going to be using the arduino duemilanove to provide a smart interface for a project I am working on. One of the actions which the arduino needs to be able to trigger is a computer program that performs an action when the RI pin on the com port is triggered. Is there any way, using the FTDI virtual com port, that I can make this happen?

In other words, a user presses a button which is connected to an arduino input. The arduino then triggers a ring indicator on the com port, thus starting the software.

In lieu of the RI, I can also trigger using DCD, DSR, or CTS on the com port, but I can NOT trigger by simply sending data over the port.

Your help is appreciated!

Yes, if you look at the Duemilanove schematic you will see that the FT232 "RI#" pin (ring indicator) is brought out to pin 4 of connector X3. You can solder a wire there and connect it to any digital output. Setting the output low should signal a ring.

Thanks RC.

I have to tell you that right after making my post I took a closer look at the schematic and saw exactly that. I let out a "d'oh!" for the ages, followed by a hearty "woohoo!". :)

Thanks again!

Overall what is the purpose for the x3 section of 4 pin?