Getting AVR-Dude error (stk500) not in sync

I had a chip driving a small RC servo from the Duemilanove board. It's been on for a year or so and now it's not working. I had the circuit breaker trip (another device on the outlet)and when it came back on this thing has the "L" led blinking and will not control the servo as usual. I tried to reload the program from the Arduino interface loader and no go.

Any ideas what I can do?

by the way I put another chip in the board and it loads fine. Seems like the chip that won't load is just stuck in some sort of error. Is there a way to bring it out and make it work again?

Edit: Just tried it with another new chip purchased on ebay and it won't load to that one either. Just blinks "L".

Ok Got it. I selected the UNO and I got it to load to my other 328P chips. So all is well.

The original chip that was stuck in the fast flashing "L" led... not sure what was going on there but I held reset until the screen said Binary Sketch Size and got it to upload.

EDIT: NOT Completely fixed. When I power down the board sometimes when I power back up, I get a fast blinking "L" LED. Then I turn it off and on again and the program runs. Not sure why this happens at times.