Getting bulb to light up when battery or water sensor touch water


I am a beginner at programming and Arduino. I have a project where I want a light bulb (one that comes in the beginners start package) to light up when touching water. I'm going to insert the hardware into an object and I imagine that the cut up wire or water sensor is at the bottom, and when water touches it the bulb will light up. And when removed from water the light will go out.

How can I do this in the simplest possible way? I understand I have to write a code, but how? And I have heard there are two different ways, either with a water sensor or with a battery connected to cut up wire, and when the copper thread touches water the bulb lights up. I don't know exactly how everything should be connected.

I have about 5 weeks to complete this projects.

Is there a tutorial out there?

I have googled but have not found any results.

Appreciate all help I can get! This project means a lot to me.

Thank you

You may need to work on your search engine efforts:

You can also get to youtube and search for "Arduino getting started"

First watch it without interruptions and then again with your Arduino and start experimenting.

If you have any specific issue you do not understand. Write a small example or modify one of the examples that come with the Arduino IDE, test it and if this does not clear things up, post your code and question.

Mind you, this does not involve an Arduino at all ... :astonished: