Getting data flow from 2.4 ghz controller

Hey, guys!
I have got a ultra drone x31.0, and my question is can i remote it with, esp8266 instead of this 2.4ghz wireless controller?

How do you expect anyone to know anything about your problem when you provide so little information. You have not described how the system is now working and what parts it is using. And you have not told us exactly what changes you want to make.

I have no idea whether it would make sense to control a drone with WiFi but, to do so, you would need a WiFi transceiver on the drone and on the ground.


How to give more information of this… it is Chinese drone :expressionless:
No documentation

No documentation

Then you have a problem.


Many of those cheap Chinese drones have all the receiver/flight controller and ESCs in one block of electronics. If yours is like that all you can really do is throw everything except the frame and motors away and start again from nothing. That’s rarely worth the effort.