Getting data sent by Wifly into processing (port 80)


I'm trying to get data from local port 80 into my processing sketch but it is not working. I connect my wifly with an adhoc network and send some data into port 80. When i put on my browser my host ip and local port (something like i can see what was sent to the local port. So I tryed do get that into processing using the following simple WebClient sketch, but it doen't work.

import*; Client myClient; int dataIn;

void setup() { size(200, 200); // Connect to the local machine at port 80. // This example will not run if you haven't // previously started a server on this port myClient = new Client(this, "", 80); //my ip and local port }

void draw() { if (myClient.available() > 0) { dataIn =; } background(dataIn); }

Somebody can help me with this??

Thanks in advance

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