getting error message on simple count down timer with buzzer

Ok folks I am a bit of a old guy, heck not just a bit. I am tackling this ardruino thing as I thought it would be pretty simple. I am very good at electronics, know all about that stuff but microprocessors are a new pond. I am trying to get a uno current version to run this code and when i go to upload I get some error messages about needing to declare eeprom value. this is NOT my code, did the down load from on the web on a beer license. Here is a link to the project,
down a ways he has the code for use with a uno, any help here would be mucho appreciated.

Contact the author of that code for help.

You could jump in with both feet, and design your own code (sketch) to do what you want done. I am sure we can give you advice along the way.

How about posting that code? Use the # button to add code tags when you do.

   if (buttonState == HIGH){lastButtonState = buttonState;}
   if (buttonState == HIGH || lastButtonState == HIGH){     // check

You really need to re-read the state change detection example. This is not the way it works.

How are your switches wired?

  1. I need 4 distinct timers

No. You need 4 distinct times. Not timers.

the switch is a momentary contact one with one lead in pin 13 the other to to 5v positive.

No resistor? Then, you have a floating pin condition, and any expectations you have about how the code should behave are unrealistic.

solved the problem, hired a guy.

Hopefully, one smart enough to wire the switches correctly.