getting error too few arguments .PLEASE HELP

I’m trying to make a position control of dc motor using pid controller .Here im using a pot in the feedback .

// PID motor position control.

#include <PID_v1.h>
#define enb           5
#define M1             7                       // PWM outputs to L298N H-Bridge motor driver module
#define M2             6
int DesiredValue;
int CurrentValue;
int pot;
//int Direction;
double kp = 5 , ki = 1 , kd = 0.01;             // modify for optimal performance
double input = 0, output = 0, setpoint = 0;
PID myPID(&input, &output, &setpoint, kp, ki, kd, DIRECT);  
void setup() {
        pinMode(enb, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(M2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(M1, OUTPUT);

  myPID.SetOutputLimits(-255, 255);
  Serial.begin (9600);   

void loop() {
  setpoint =600;
  input =analogRead(A0);  
CurrentValue= input;
  // Serial.println(encoderPos);                     
  myPID.Compute();                                    // calculate new output
   Direction(output);                                   // drive L298N H-Bridge module

void Direction(int DesiredValue,int CurrentValue) 
{                                // to H-Bridge board
  if (DesiredValue>CurrentValue) 
digitalWrite(M1, LOW);
  digitalWrite(M2, HIGH); 

 if (DesiredValue< CurrentValue) //right  
  digitalWrite(M2, LOW);



error message:

too few arguments to function ‘void Direction(int, int)’

Here’s the function signature of the Direction function you defined:

void Direction(int DesiredValue,int CurrentValue)

As you can see, the function expects two arguments: DesiredValue and CurrentValue.

In your code, you call the Direction function like this:


As you can see, you are only providing a single argument to a function that takes two arguments. This is the cause of the error.

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