Getting "expected identifier before')' token" error message and not sure why

Below is a picture of the error message, I’m pretty new to programming but this code was existing and just something I’m modifying so I’m not sure why I’m getting this message. Any help would be great.



I also just noticed that if I take out the extra lines at 55 & 60, the the error is continuing two rows further. It's like no mater what it keeps happening at line 61.

Hello and welcome,

Post the first 60 lines of your code

Post the first 60 lines of your code

And the rest of it....

The message "printHMS not declared in this scope" will be significant.

When looking at error messages you need to be aware that the compiler keeps going until it finds something that does not make sense to it. That means the actual problem might actually exist some place before the exact point where it gets stuck.


Often you'll get what seem to be a gazillion independent errors, but when you fix one thing they all go way.