Getting extreme brightness from ssd1331 oled display?

So I accidentally connected a SSD1331 color oled display to my nano that had a 1351 driver installed, and the display went incredibly bright across several pixel lines. So bright it was difficult to look at. So this tells me there must be a way to “hack” the code to overdrive the pixels to exceed the normal max brightness levels inherent in ssd1331.
Has anyone figured that out? Yes, it will shorten display life significantly, maybe even burn in the led’s very quickly, but for something I will use for a few minutes at a time in bright daylight, this could be an option, considering my expected lifecycle for this type of scenario is probably 300 minutes of lifespan before I don’t care about the display anymore.
Thoughts? Has someone done this? I wish I had a pic that could illustrate the brightness difference. It’s orders of magnitude brighter from what I’ve achieved with the maximum settings in the CPP file based on the data sheet.

I should add that this was off standard 5v.

You might be the first who got this with these libraries, and I think you are the only one who want to make use of it. Perhaps some internal settings are changed, perhaps a current is going in an unwanted direction inside the control chip or an internal voltage is way to high. If I remember it correctly there are internal voltages that are higher than 5V.

A OLED display is for 3.3V. Sometimes a OLED display is already too bright with 5V.

Now that I think of it, it is not a hack. Most things can be cranked up by a overpowering it. For example a DC motor of 3V with run at 12V (not for long). What you do is this (make toast in 10 seconds):

No, it doesn’t. It just tells you that you can get some odd behaviour if you do stupid or accidental things.

You cannot extrapolate and know at all that this accident can be applied at a pixel level to hack brightness.


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If I had an Oscope, I could probably determine if a charge pump or LED voltage was held too high for too long (progressively brightening the oled pixel to beyond its design parameters) due to an invalid register value being written inadvertently. I don’t know for sure, I haven’t written world-class device drivers in 20 years, and probably won’t ever again after mining bitcoins for years…

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