Getting from Palyground back to other areas

Am I missing something or is it not possible to get back to the main Arduino site from the Playground via a link? I find myself wanting to go to other areas like the forums. The forums have a link in the header to the home page. I would like to see something similar.

Thanks, Robin

Yea, this is a problem. In fact, the whole design / layout of the playground could probably use some work. What do people think of making it something like the Arduino blog, where the pages look more or less the same but the navigation sidebar is specific to the playground?

I've noticed the same thing.

No need for a complete re-design (unless you just feel like it). Just put an "arduino" link in the upper-left hand corner of the playground pages.


Opening pages in new browser tabs is a great answer to this sort of problem.

If you are careful not to roll it while you do it, a click of your mouse wheel may open a link in a new tab for you. (Firefox)

I don't know if this has recently changed or if I've only just noticed, but in the header of the Playground pages the words in light blue "Arduino: Playground" are links, and clicking on "Arduino" takes you back to the main homepage. "Playground" takes you to the Playground entry page.