Getting in touch with store support

I have a delivery issue with my first order from the store, which is getting kind of urgent as I need to get the package before 14th. For the entire week I have been attempting to get in touch with the store support, using e-mail, online support form, Facebook etc, but received no response whatsoever. In my eyes, it seem like Arduino team was more than happy to take my money for an over 100 euro order, and then not even bother to make sure I actually get what I paid for - I tried to track my package using the reference from my invoice but it seems to not exist in any delivery databases. I would be extremely grateful if anybody could recommend any other ways of getting some assistance from the store team or any advice at all. Normally I always assume online stores are not really at fault with the delivery problems, but I find the lack of contact and support extremely dodgy. Did anyone have similar problems with resolving issues regarding the Arduino Store?

Sorry for the inconvenience, I have send a mail to arduino-team. As I do not know if the team is in (weekend just started) it might take some time.

Regards, Rob

FYI - I'm moderator (volunteer) on the forum and not related to the shop