Getting information from websites to my arduino

Hi All

New to the forum! Well, besides floating about in the background reading that is :blush: I've been working on a project to control my marine aquarium and have written most of my code myself, with lots of help from some more learned friends. I have everything working the way I want it to in my code except for anything to do with my ethernet. I am hoping to be able to periodically update my RTC using internet time ( i have been through a few sets of code looking at this option ) and I would also like to pull some tide information from a website to govern the maximums and minimums of my lighting and the flow in my pumps. I have written the code to control all the hardware and have it running off predetermined values and such, but now I'd like to take a step further. I'm really lost when it comes to how PHP scripts and XML and all the other acronyms relating to websites, i had enough difficulty as it is with trying to set my arduino to a static IP on my router... :sleeping:

After some research I see that I have two main options:
1 : the arduino pulls all the information I need(somehow) from the websites and stores it for use in my functions - this is a heavy task as I understand it and may affect my other functions?

2: Put a PHP script on a website (my friend has generously offered some space on his server for this ) which will pull the information I need from the tide website and put it into convenient strings for the arduino to grab, saving processing time etc.

I am more inclined to go with option two for the benefits I've mentioned but I need help with how I set up the ethernet code for this and sort out the PHP script too.

Any help is greatly appreciated :%