Getting instantaneous velocity from MPU6050


I need to recognize the moving instantaneous velocity (as meters per second) of my robot along X and Z planes. I'm using MPU6050 sensor. How can I calculate the velocity values in meters per second from accelerometer values.


I saw this linked some time back; it's worth a read.

The (literal) bottom line:

In summary, it is possible to use the accelerometers to estimate velocity and position, but the accuracy will be very poor so that in most cases, the estimates are not useful.

(Apologies, I didn't make a note and can't thank whomever it was who gave the link.)

The best way to estimate velocity is to use one or more external, fixed reference points.

If you tell us more about your robot, we can give specific suggestions.

So you have to put much effort in analysing the accelerometer data. The more processor time you put on the analysis, the more accurate it will be, and the less processor time you will have for other tasks.
Instead you could just add speed sensors, which would give accurate speed data any time.