Getting into the forum: tres ridicule

Here’s how I get into the forum:

  • Go to
  • Login there
  • Go to forum
  • Go to random post
  • Choose reload
  • Click reply (not typing a response, just needed to get it in “action” mode)
  • Go back to forum homepage
  • Click reload
    Only after these steps I see a forum with the top bar and my login profile pic. Cant just go to and choose login, as there is no login option on screen.
    Using Firefox latest on OSX.
    So IMO this is tres ridicule, and needs some polishing and testing on your behalf.

Weird. I use firefox on a Mac (running somewhat old MacOS), with a bookmark to, and I get a pretty prominent “login” box in the upper right…


You can report top bar issues here.

Something happened last 24 hours. The login menu is visible now. It does not retain the main page login yet, but it is a good step.

Hi there,

Yes, our designer fixed this problem today.

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