Getting JSON data from API with Authorization

Hello fellow humans,

I am trying to get JSON data from this API:

It worked via my browser. There I had to add a modheader extension to the browser and fill in the Authorization code I got via the fortnite api.

I am very new to requesting this kind of info but would appreciate it if someone could help me with this.

for this project I am using a ESP8622.

I did a test with a test API here:
int httpCode = http.GET();

and that worked.

The fortnite api is in a https environment and I'm rather stuck how to fix this.
if someone has a clue how to add the authorization code to the sketch that would really help me out.

Post the code you have!

You have to add in the same custom header with your ESP8266. Look at the documentation to see how you can add custom headers to your GET() call.

Depending on which exact library you use, it may be a bit different