Getting more than 100 output with uno


After color sorter ?roject, today I will start my new project. Basicaly I will need 120 digital output pins for leds. I will use these outputs just for display. My question is what is the cheapest and best way to do it? 74hc shift registers, multiplexers?

NOT 74HC shift registers, not enough current drive.
TPIC6B595 shift registers, sink current thru cathodes. 150mA/IO pin from 12V source (designed for LED strips originally)
This board will support 96 outputs, can daisy chain boards for even more.

Alternately, use 2 daisychained MAX7219, each controlling up to 64 LEDs. This board will let you connect LED with leads to the board, current limiting is controlled by the MAX7219.
Depends on the current/voltage needed.
You can see a '328 on the lower left that provides the Arduino functionality. Plug on an FTDI Basic or equivalant for USB/Serial downloading of code.

Thanks for answering, this is researching and learning project so that I dont want to buy already designed board. For 12x10 led matrix do you advice TPIC6B595 or MAX7219 and which one easy to find?

12X10 is 120 LEDs, I’d go with two MAX7219.
Each can control 8 columns of 8 LEDs each,
You can arrange them into columns & 1/2 columns like this as one example.