Getting my 7 Segment Displays to work with Arduino

I'm trying to get my two 7 segment displays to work, and I tried many example code's online and I know my wiring is correct? Plz tell me if im wrong.

Pretty sure that's not the correct way to wire up a 7-segment display.

It looks like you have all your segment output resistors wired to both segments, and then wired to the ground. And your common pins aren't connected to anything. That is not correct.

Are you multiplexing your digits?

Are you running 3.3 volts or 5?

Im trying to get both segments working so I can display double digits

im running 5V

Teensy 2.0

Well, there are two ways to do it, then. You can drive both LEDs directly, or you can multiplex and light one at a time. Driving them directly is probably easier, but you'll need twice as many resistors. Your Teensy has plenty of digital outputs, and using those 220 ohm resistors you have enough output current to run all 14 segments at the same time. Barely.

If your LEDs are common anode, you run the resistors to each segment, and run the common anode to the +5V rail. If you're using common cathode, you run the resistors to each segment, and run the common cathode to the ground rail.

If you're going to multiplex them, you'll need another driver circuit. Probably a transistor.

Which way are you planning to use?

what code can I use to test my current circuit? I know its wired correctly cuz ive seen other people make it work like mine

Frankly, I don’t believe that circuit can work the way it is wired. The segment common pin isn’t even connected to anything, and the output signals are grounded after the resistor. There is no code that can light even one segment in that configuration.

If you really have seen other people make it work, they would be the people to ask.