Getting my Arduino project into a neat box

Hi all,

Just spent the last weekend doing my first Arduino project.

I'm using an LCD and a real time clock to display a "one time password" for my google account (more on that here:

I've got it all going on a breadboad. The next step would be getting it into a neat box with a battery I can put on my desk. Not sure where to start. Do I buy a protyping shield for the UNO and put the LCD + RTC onto that? Getting a PCB printed is way beyond me. Just after the easiest solution to make something neat.

Some pics/video/code from the project:


The linked tutorial looks very good:

Still not sure how to use a protoshield; are there any good tutorials for this?

The protoshield is basically just perfboard, some solder pads and so on in the shield-spacing regime.
You’d use it as a foundation for your circuitry, need to be good with your point-to-point solder skills. Many just use it as a base to situate a mini-breadboard atop.