Getting my Arduino soon, need advice for first pro

I've been looking into the arduino for a while, and will be getting one soon. Mt first project I plan will be working involves moving a mirror to direct a laser. I was thinking of two projects to start: One that reacts to music and makes designs and such on the wall accordingly, and the other draws numbers on the wall, basically a clock that displays the time on the wall/ceiling or wherever.

I was looking into regular RC servos, but at best they seem to be way too slow, and from my experience with them, they don't seem to be nearly as fast as they are advertised. So, the question is: Is there a better, or rather faster method of fairly accurately moving something with an arduino? The mirror would be rather small, so it shouldn't take much force to move it, but it would have to be moved fairly quickly. Any help or ideas will be appreciated. Thanks, Greg.

I was going to say that you need to move it with an electromagnet.

Then it can be very fast movement. Apart from that I don't knoe what you could do.

Maybe if you got a very fast and precise stepper and mounted the mirror on at an angle to that.