Getting my ATMEGA328-PU working using FTDI adapter

I bought a couple ATMEGA328-PU ICs for a project I am working on and I keep getting unable to upload errors when I try to upload to the chip. I followed the DroneBotWorkshop tutorial perfectly and can't figure out what's wrong. The only thing the tutorial left out was how to configure the board settings in the IDE. I've tried using several different Boards and Programmers and nothing works.

Does anybody have any insight? I can share more information as needed.



Heres a link to the tutorial:

You can skip to the end of the video where he sets it up with the FTDI adapter.

Here is are some pictures of the schematics:

I can't figure out how to paste an image into this post so I don't have an image of my breadboard however I have both of those schematics wired up perfectly. I've double-checked.