Getting my Automaton library in the library manager

I've tried to get my Automaton State Machine library to be available via the Arduino IDE library manager.

I think I followed all the directions in the library manager FAQ over a month ago and indeed it's in the json list:

But today I installed a new Arduino 1.6.6 (Windows 7) and when I type the name of my library in the library manager, nothing is found...!

Isn't it sufficient for the library to be added to the json list? What else should I do?

Thanks for any help in getting my library out there!

I can see it in the list.

You could try deleting your cached json files and forcing the IDE to grab the latest. I explained it here: how to get the new WiFi101 library into the library manager ? - #2 by pYro_65 - Installation & Troubleshooting - Arduino Forum

Thanks pYro_65,

That was indeed the problem.

Funny thing is:

  • I uninstalled and re-installed the Arduino IDE
  • The cached .json file had its file date set to yesterday (even though the content was outdated)
  • I used fiddler to check what URL the IDE was accessing (it was accessing the correct one whenever I accessed the library)

It's starting to look more like a bug than a caching feature to me...

Did uninstalling the IDE also remove the Arduino15 folder?

I agree its a bug, as I have waited a long time to get a new version with no luck (it seems to pick up new versions now though).
I do know that the IDE now will use an old version if it cannot get a new one for some reason. So there could be a bug in that code.

The folder apparently wasn't removed but I'm not completely sure of that.

I wanted to report this issue on the Arduino github tracker, but there was a similar one so I added a comment to that: