Getting parameters from serial monitor and move them to EEPROM

Hell people,
my project started to be so complicate but I'll try to describe my problem in brief.

I'm planning to get some devices to work with a SIM800 GSM controller. My goal is to turn devices on or off and maybe with an alarm time.
Everything went ok until I needed to send an sms to the controller for setting the time and date so the device works. It was easy for me (as I'm not a programmer) to write a simple code so when the word ON is in the sms something turns on!
Can someone tell me please where to start or which methods in C++ I must take a look at?
And no people, it's not DO MY WORK FOR ME! I'm just a hobbyist and I have skills in electronic more than programming.
Any help is appropriated!


The subject of your post doesn't seem to match with your problem statement...
If you need help parsing data that come over the serial line, Robin2 has a great tutorial "reliably reading/sending data" (or something like that). If you want to put these parameters into the EEPROM for later retrieval, just look at the EEPROM examples. It is pretty straight forward how to read/write to the EEPROM.

If you want something completely else - rephrase your question.

The thread that @blh64 is referring to: Serial Input basics - updated

That's a good start and maybe all I wanted to start with. I'll read Robin's tutorial and give a feedback or maybe a question?