Getting past WIFI network acceptance screen

I'm attempting to get an Arduino UNO using a Adafruit WIFI shield to connect to a WIFI network at work. Looking at the console output I can see the Arduino successfully acquiring a IP address on the network, but then I get no response on any subsequent HTTP requests to Arduino makes.

If one connects to this network with a desktop or laptop machine, you are presented with a terms of use screen with an "I AGREE" button at the bottom that you must click on before proceeding. I'm wondering if that screen is also being fed to the Arduino, and if that is blocking any further activity because the Arduino hasn't acknowledged the terms.

If this is what's going on, any idea how to I get past it?

Thanks in advance.

Normally (not always) you will get a redirect message to the terms of use page when you attempt to go to a website on the internet. Are you reading and displaying the messages returned by the server/router?

Yeah, I believe I am. But I just don't seem to get any html, a redirect, or anything else.

The server or router must be sending something. Your web browser doesn't just go to the terms of use page all by itself.