Getting power from my Moped or Motor-bike.

Mopeds and motor bikes generally have a 12v barttery.

How would I tap into this power without creating too much trouble.

I've seen "Anti-theft GPS trackers" use some kind of pin.

Do, motor-bikes and mopeds have a female or male connection mechanism of some sort to connect external devices.

Ufoguy: I've seen "Anti-theft GPS trackers" use some kind of pin.

Have you now?

The possibility of conveying adequate safe information to someone who in this manner indicates virtually no competence in this area via a forum such as this, is negligible.

The only advice we can reasonably give is to take it to a real Auto Electrician and have him fit the correct fuse in the correct manner for you.

if your Moped has a USB port for charging a phone, then use that.

In my day, it would have had a cigar lighter, that worked. that would have been a great power port. I had to add one on my motorcycle. it was really hard to light a cigarette when cruising down the road.