Getting SPI slaves to play nice on the bus.

It seems that there are a host of sensors available that don’t like to share the SPI bus nicely.
Here is my solution. Please note I’m still waiting for my parts to arrive, so the design is untested at this point. In theory this additional bit of hardware should tame any unruly bus slave…
How it works: CS pin is connected to the enable pin of the buffers, effectively disconnecting the slave from the SPI bus, when CS is not in the active state. I included the SCK/SCLK pin so that the slave would be unable to transmit data thereby preventing any data loss. (May need a 10K pull up resistor on the slave side to prevent noise from being seen as a clk pulse.)
The 74HC125 should also provide isolation allowing a 3.3 v slave to be used with a 5v Arduino.
May want to run CS through one of buffers with it’s enable pin tied to GND.
Should not require any change of coding to work.
If you try this circuit please provide feed back for me and the group.

Please see attachments.

74HC_HCT125_CNV_2.pdf (45.6 KB)