Getting started at data Logging, newbie to this device?

Hi all, I'm interested in data log my energy use on our house and display to my own web sever? Eg: Electricity, Gas, Water.

I have no idea at using Arduino at all, I found this web site:

I would like to purchase these products, but have no idea how to hook up all of this and feed to my web server? Has anyone else working on this as a project or has done this already? Would greatly appreciate some pointer? Cheers Drew

Somewhat out of date write up :

The RFXMeter may be a wonderful device, if you can’t run wires from your utility meters to your processing electronics. But if you CAN have your processing electronics and meters connected with wires, you can save a lot of money (and ways for things to go wrong) by doing without the RFXMeter

Split the problem into its parts…

a) Getting a digital (ons and offs) signal from your utility meters. Until this problem is solved, nothing else matters

b) Processing the digital signals. Relatively simple to do a simple answer… a table of readings every tow hours, say. Not a lot harder, if you have the programming experience, to turn into graphs of useage.

And then you’re done, unless you need access to the information from anywhere on the internet. But until a and b are solved, you can’t do c. But you need to know “which” c you are heading for, while doing b.

If you can produce a simple jpeg with the graph from b on your pc, then, as long as you have an always-on internet connection, and are willing to have an always-on PC, making the jpeg available across the internet can be done entirely with free and well supported packages.

Details at…

(You don’t need the DS025 parts of that. DS025 is just one way of producing a jpeg to be broadcast)