Getting started project HELP request

I am a mobile app developer this will be my very first Arduino project. I need help getting started with what boards and equipment I will need to buy.

I have some blinds that I need to open an close via Wifi and Bluetooth (we will let the user choose). These blinds are already controlled by 12v DC motors. I need to control from 1 - 4 motors. I will have a basic mobile app that has a slider on it and when the user slides the control to the right, the motors will run one way to open the blinds, when they slide it to the left it will close the blinds.

So I need to be able to control up to 4 motors independently and I have to run them forwards and backwards. I will need PWM (I think that is what it is called) to control the speed. Also, I will need to somehow know when the blinds are all the way open or all the way closed, so I know when to shut the motors off.

Any help, guidance, I am especially looking for what components I need to buy that will have the easiest setup. My client installs these blinds, so an installer will need to be able to set this up and help the end user get connected via the wifi or bluetooth.

All this while keeping cost down, so if I can keep each set up below $40-50, I think the client might go for it.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to joining the Arduino community.

Thanks, Jonathan

Automatic blind opener is one of the more common projects. I've seen tons of examples. My first move if I were you would be to do some searching and look at some of the similar projects that people have already done and see what you might learn from those.