"Getting Started with Arduino" (2nd Edition): Chapter 5 problem

Hi all. This is my first post -- I'm new to this (and to electronics).

I've been working through "Getting Started with Arduino" but am stuck on pages 56-57 where Banzi tells you to try to wire a new circuit together with the previous one. I've been unable to do it and the instructions on page 58 haven't been helpful. Can somebody help?

Thanks, Gary

As most of the advanced forum members do not own this book please be more specific. Tell exactly what you problem is such that people without the book will understand your question. This will raise you chances to get an answer a lot.

Thanks Udo. These may be the wrong forums for someone like me. In any case, I just replaced an LED on my Uno and everything came back to life. Good thing -- I wouldn't even have been able to describe my problem. (how often are LED's bad?!?)

I have the book. And it is a good one.

So it look you are trying to connect the LED and doing PWM. Right ?

  1. Make sure you have a limiting resistor of 220 ohms ( red-red-brown ), 330 ohms ( orange-orange-brown ) to 470 ohms ( yellow-purple-brown )

  2. For a PWM, use any digiatl pin who have this sign : ~ the wave character

  3. Run the code.

By code, you forgot to post it. And a picture how you connected will help also.