"Getting Started with Arduino" component list or kit (uk)

What components are required for the projects within "getting started with arduino" or are there any cheap kits that don't have the arduino or book already in them.

If you buy a starter kit, buy the official Arduino starter kit. There are starter kits from Ebay that are disappointing. You can also select parts from https://www.adafruit.com/

If you want to be cheap, you can buy an Arduino clone from Ebay, but it will have the cheapest components and you are not supporting the Arduino team.

What is your interest ? sensors ? or led lights ? or servo motors ? The Arduino is to learn an try things. Start with an Arduino Uno board, and make a led blink. You continue with sensors and a LCD display and so on.

I was looking to work my way through the book getting started with arduino. I want a kit without the arduino included because I already have the arduino on order


The book is only short and there are only a few components used as far as I can see, flipping through it.

if you want a UK supplier of starter kits, I have met and purchased from this guy. He is very helpful and I would trust him to sell quality stuff.