Getting started with Arduino Due


I got a new Arduino Due but I am somewhat confused about the high number of PINs.

To learn how the pins are wired on the Arduino. So, how could I make a LED blinking, assuming I can run Node.js on my host laptop fine, like in

  • Which Pin group would I need to investigate?
  • Which ground pins to wire up?
  • Which pins I could tap the signal?

Thank you!

ok, found out that Pin 13 is next to Gnd Pin.

I got the LED blinking, but somehow there is no reset of the blinking?

The led keeps blinking....

The led keeps blinking....

Under what conditions?

I would expect it to keep on blinking until you load another sketch.

Yes, indeed.

Updating the Sketch software and uploading a new sketch works. Maybe the software I was using previously (JavaScript Johnny5) was not yet working with the Arduino Due?

That sounds like a java script code. None of the arduino's run java script.

I believe this is what he is referring to

After looking at the Johnny Five information, I am left to ask - WHY? WHY replace the Arduino IDE with a terminal-based command line interface? Certainly this is the antithesis of making Arduino easy to learn and use for newcomers. I believe this is what is causing the OP’s confusion, as the Johnny Five system has removed him from the normal Arduino learning system.

the reason for javascript is that JS is becoming the main language for web related projects, and I'd like to experiment streaming information from the web to the arduino or vice-versa.

Hmm... still not sure if those JS libs support the Due, but also reading firmata with is not giving back results.

thinking to switch to an Uno - or indeed go with Sketch first.

Are you using the version of Firmata specifically included with the Arduino 1.5.4 or higher IDE for the Due?

File -> Examples -> Firmata