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I am trying to set up the Arduino board by connecting it to Matlab but I encounter some problem.

For instance, when I type in the command

carrier = addon(a, 'Arduino/MKRMotorCarrier')

I received this error,

No add-on library uploaded to the board. Please clear and recreate the current arduino object to include the appropriate library. For a listof available libraries, type 'listArduinoLibraries'.

Then I try including Adafruit/MotorShieldV2 but I still get this error after inputting the same above command,

Invalid add-on Library value 'Arduino/MKRMotorCarrier'. Valid libraries are 'Adafruit/MotorShieldV2'.

I did all the previous steps already and yet I get these errors. Or is this Adafruit/MotorShieldV2 just a rename of the Arduino/MKRMotorCarrier?

Why are you surprised it complains about missing 'Arduino/MKRMotorCarrier' when you don't add that library, but another one?

Based on your description I see two quite easy solutions.

  1. install Arduino/MKRMotorCarrier (the library you actually try to use), or
  2. change the command to carrier = addon(a, 'Arduino/MotorShieldV2') (use the library you installed).

There is no 'Arduino/MotorShieldV2' or 'Arduino/MKRMotorcarrier' library thus I can't install them. Are you talking about Adafruit/MotorShieldV2? I am afraid that they are not the same thing and will mess up the components if I just assumed that they are the same.

Here are the available libraries,


ans =

6×1 cell array

{'I2C' }
{'RotaryEncoder' }
{'SPI' }
{'Servo' }
{'ShiftRegister' }

Ok, miscopied that.

Anyway, I was just looking at the error messages. If you say there's no such thing as an Arduino/MKRMotorcarrier library, where do you get that name from in the first place?

From this site,

It is a guide for the project

Here ya go spaceduck: GitHub - arduino-libraries/MKRMotorCarrier: Read-only version of arduino-libraries/ArduinoMotorCarrier

They got this thing, called Google ...

Okay thanks but how do I install it?

I went Google to search for how to install and the closest I came across is Install Arduino library to Matlab - MATLAB Answers - MATLAB Central.

However, it is so complex and I have no idea how to install it. Shouldn't the MKRCarrier be installed already after I brought the product? Not to mention the guide(Arduino Profile) did not even mention about installing the MKRCarrier which is so confusing

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