Getting Started with Arduino

Hey Everyone,
I want to get started with Arduino. I have a MacBook Pro and I have been programming Java and objective-c for about two years.

What do I need to get started? It looks like the “Arduino Starter Kit” has been replaced with the “Getting Started with Arduino Kit” with the “New release of the Duemilanove (2009)”

Which one should I get? Any books, Web sites, videos you recommend?

Thanks in advance,

I started with the 2009 Arduino, and it was great… I went on to play around with the stuff in “Learning”:

From there, you can move to playground…

which has a lot more cool tutorials and such…

I have heard many people noting this book:

I have not read it (yet) so I am not sure how helpful it is…

By “2009 Arduino”, do you mean the “Arduino Starter Kit”?

the arduino 2009 is this:

the starter kit includes this with some other things you want to have as a starter in this hobby, so i do recommend it: