Getting Started with Arduino

Hi, I have 1) ono Board that i got started already . But bought a MRK 101 to ad to it for wireless . I really do not know how to set it up with the analog from the uno but can power it up .. i need some help on how to get it sync up with the platform and ide with the manager and libraries .
Please help me.. if you can..

I think you mean a UNO and an MKR1010 ?

If that is the case they are two seperate boards.

I am sure we can help you but we may need more details of what you want to achieve and which IDE you want to use eg. the regular desktop IDE or the online CREATE IDE ?

yes sorry about the typos, i see , ok i power the board MRK1010 through the Uno though ,right? then hot ,red lead to 5v power, then cold to black GRD, what ,analog ? to load up registry and manage libraries.

Please provide a schematic how you intend to connect everything; a photo of a pencil drawing is fine.

Be aware the the MKR is a 3.3V board and the Uno a 5V board. Be careful when connecting Uno outputs to MKR inputs; check if those inputs can handle 5V

Ok , I See, I placed the UNO MRK 1010 to the UNO in the configurations of Power red from the UNO to 5v on the MRK , as it has the 5v pin on the MRK 1010 , And the Ground to GRD from the pin Board of the plan ARDUINO to the MRK1010
It Powered up . But to get it to manage all the configurations I must find the correct analog pin to proceed with the wireless code and operations to be included in functioning. If i place it down to 3.3 v will it recognize the board to configure? I hope i did blow the board already.
I did not do any code or writing yet , due to i did not know the correct analog pin to communicate among the two boards for operations. I think the board is still good. it does power up.... I will remember to reset it all after the correct circuitry. but het is the lay out , i will try to place it in diagram,

UNO Board hooked up with USB on Port 3 Power and communications (Lab TOP)
Plan UNO Board - Hot 5V to _ 5v pin on MRK
"""""""""""""""- GRD to GRD Of MRK
Placed Analog pin from Plan Uno to MRK in /DAC0/ AO Probably the wrong placement of hook up?
I took picture with droid but do not know how to upload from here. sorry.
Thanks for the reply.... i will check back later .