getting started with ESP 8266

Hello, my first ESP 8266 (SHOP: just arrived and i have a few questions about setting it up.

1: Do i need to install anything besides the ESP 8266 library in the boardmanager?

2: Do i need to configurate the ESP or can i plug it directly into my pc and start programing?

3: On the back of the esp it says "use 9600 baud rate". Is this the same as the uploadspeed?(I know... thats probably a stupid question)

4: Do i have to read all of the around 1000 pages of datasheets, system discribtions, ... the retailer offers to download?

5: Do you have any tipps and tricks for me? Are there things or often made mistakes that if have to watch out for?

Thanks for your help!!!

I guess you will find answers to most of your questions here :


Try to install version 2.2, I can't get it work with version 2.3.

First my esp didnĀ“t work but with 2.2 everything works fine. Thanks.

As someone very new to the ESP8266, and quite a few of the related concepts, in December 2016, I was very happy with my decision to go with the Sparkfun ESP8266 "Thing" Dev Board. (Part WRL-13711) (They sell something else with a very similar name... which would also have been "good", but the Dev Board variant was Great!)

And yes, Sparkfun have many UK/ European/ etc distributors.

Yes... the Sparkfun device was more expensive than the one cited by the person who started the thread... but it comes with excellent "getting started" guides, and an active forum talking about that particular ESP8266 implementation. Maybe when I'm and *266 "expert", I'll move to one of the even cheaper ones. But for now, $15 vs Euro 8 doesn't bother me at all... I figure that the value of the difference is about an hour of my time, and I'm sure the Sparkfun help saved me at least that.