getting started with rfduino for beginners

Im a pretty new to arduino and totally new to rfduino.

I want to make a simple project. I have a multicolor led and want to control it with my iphone.

Where do I start? I'm having trouble finding a sketch thats so simple. Everything seems to include drivers for more complex things that are above my level. Once I have the arduino set up I can make it better , but have no idea where to start.

What would be an example sketch?
Whats the app called that would work?
Is the app specific to the sketch or is there a generic I could use?

I found but the newest posts are months old.

Strange as it may seem, this is not at all a simple project.

Reliable radio communications are very difficult, especially between devices as totally dissimilar as Arduino and an iPhone, technology is constantly advancing and there are no easy paths for a beginner.

If you have no experience with Arduino, start with the simple projects that come with the IDE (program development software), to learn the language and the special features of the Arduino.

Even something seemingly as simple (but very important!) as “blink without delay” presents challenges. I suggest for the moment to forget the radio and focus on controlling a multicolor LED (with color changes, fading and blinking). When you have that down, come back to discuss radio.